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3 Tricks to Make Sure Your Senior Stays Hydrated

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Aug 15, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Active_senior_water-LR-1.jpgHydration isn’t something that you can take care of in a day or two. It’s a continuous process. Yes, if you get dehydrated, you’ll need to rest up and drink more fluids/consume more electrolytes for a day or two. But if you want to prevent dehydration, you have to make sure to consume enough water/fluids every day. You have to make it a habit to drink water/juices etc. If you don’t do this, your body is going to suffer in the long run. Here are some tips to help make sure you’re always drinking enough water:

Keep it Next to You

Whether you’re reading a book, watching TV or sleeping, keep a bottle of water next to you. If you see that bottle standing there often enough you’ll take a sip of water sooner or later. And if there’s a bottle next to you at night, you’ll drink from it after a nightly trip to the bathroom.

Be Prepared

When you’re going for a walk, going to the beach or going to the gym, you need to be prepared. This means you should go and buy a water bottle that you won’t mind carrying around. Maybe you can get one that hangs on your shoulder. Or nowadays, you can get waist belts which hold a number of small water bottles. Many runners wear them. Explore the equipment that’s available out there and decide what works for you.

Keep it Cold

No one wants to drink lukewarm water in the summer. It just doesn’t taste good. So make sure you fill some bottles and put them in the fridge. Also remember to fill up the ice drays. You may not want your water to be ice cold, in which case you can always mix half a glass of cold water with half a glass at room temperature. This is usually the ideal temperature of water that people like to consume in the summer.

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