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Capturing your Senior's Legacy: Travel

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Jul 11, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Smiling-family-with-grandparents-album-LR.jpgSeniors have had lots of time to travel and visit interesting places around the world. Your senior may have traveled to many places and have stories to share about their adventures. Stories of their travels are exciting pieces of their legacy to record. Here are three questions you can ask your senior about their travels.

What interesting place have you traveled to?

Your senior may have a place they found particularly fascinating during their travels. Ask them what it is and why they found it interesting. There may have been beautiful sights to see, such as waterfalls, canyons, or mountains. Or, they may have found fascinating architecture like cathedrals and castles. The place your senior visited may have special meaning to them and they may have visited it several times.

What activities did you do while there?

In addition to sightseeing, your senior likely did several fun activities while they were traveling. They may have gone to a festival or seen a show at a famous theater. Ask your senior to tell you stories about these activities and what made them so engaging.

Who did you meet while you were traveling?

Often, when traveling, a person meets new people who they otherwise would not have met. If your senior traveled to another country, they probably met people there who had a very different culture. Listen to what your senior says about their experience interacting with these people.

Travel is an interesting and meaningful part of your senior’s life. Ask them about their travels to record a valuable part of their legacy. 

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